British calendar clocks are getting as hard to find as they are becoming desirable to own. This model and dates from the 1960s.

The mahogany case is in good overall condition with some signs of wear, a little more on the top surface which is usually hidden. The lacquer is the original finish and this has been revived rather that re-applied. It has been lightly hand polished and now has a warm lustre. The off-white colour dial is in nice condition with a few marks noticeable. The hands are undamaged and have minimal wear. All calendar rollers are fully functioning. Note please that the material on the day id lighter than the date or month. I cannot explain this as when inspected no replacement has been fitted.

60cm (plus 1cm for the roller handles) x 35cm, depth 7.5cm.

Fitted with a high quality battery quartz mechanism that is fully guaranteed for twelve months. Requires one AA battery which is supplied with the clock.

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