All my clocks are unique, and although originally manufactured in quantities, can be considered one-off pieces.

The clocks are sourced throughout Europe, both old West and former Eastern Bloc countries.

All clocks are hand-restored using traditional methods, using the original fittings
where possible. Each clock I acquire differs depending upon the severity of the neglect it has suffered. I personally restore each clock to ensure that it is back to its former beauty whilst retaining the individual character it has acquired over time.

All the clocks are fitted with high quality battery quartz or mains electric
mechanisms that are reliable, accurate and fully guaranteed for twelve months.
Apart from battery replacement and the changing of the time in spring and autumn,
they are virtually maintenance free. They can be sited in most locations around
the house, but avoid extreme locations such as steamy bathrooms, and remember
that direct sunlight will have an adverse effect on all coloured surfaces.

When viewing the catalogue pages, you may have one or two queries,
please don’t hesitate to discuss them with me.

Just email or telephone me, Russell Ackermann-Callow on 07958 561691

For convenience, all dimensions are given in metric to the nearest 5mm.
The provenance of most of my collection is unknown, therefore dates, styles and
descriptions are based on my knowledge and expertise, but are not guaranteed.

I am a professionally trained restorer.  I have been providing customers with period restored clocks with replaced mechanisms, giving the authentic style with worry-free reliability for 30 years. Every clock that I sell is restored by me, and I take pride in selling clocks with a high standard of finish.